Practical tools for car dealers

Today’s car dealer needs to be able to focus as much as possible on selling cars. However, there are many activities in a dealership that take up unnecessary time, effort and money. The last thing car dealers want is to pay people to waste time pushing cars around the forecourt, use inferior cleaning equipment and use other inferior equipment.

The good news is there are many practical tools that will make your dealership a much more efficient and safer place to work. These include tools that make it easier to move, lift, clean and maintain cars.

Vehicle movers

The days of pushing cars around a forecourt are gone forever thanks to modern vehicle movers that make this job much easier, safer and more economical. Vehicle movers are specifically designed to make life much easier so that you and your employees can focus more on selling cars and dealing with customers.

Vehicle lifts

As well as pushing cars, some vehicles need to be lifted. 2 post, 4 post, in-ground and scissor lifts are available for dealership’s with a range of hydraulic, electro-hydraulic, electro-mechanical and surface lifts the most popular. Each type of lift is designed to make it easier to view and work underneath a car.


There are times when it’s important to be able to quickly and safely lift a car to carry out checks or maintenance. A wide range of jacks are available so that cars can be lifted with ease. The most popular jacks available today include the following:

  • Air operated jacks.
  • Manual hydraulic jacks.
  • Trolley jacks.
  • Transmission jacks.

Tyre changers and wheel balancers

Tyres need to be changed and wheels need to be balanced regularly. Modern tyre changers make it much easier to change worn or flat tyres. These machines normally have a rotating arm and inside and outside rim clamps that allow you to quickly remove and fit a new tyre. Computerised wheel balancers ensure that wheels are accurately balanced. Wheel balancing is important for better tyre performance which is a concern for potential customers considering buying a new car.

Power washers and waxing

Making a good first impression is vital when a potential customer enters a dealership. Each car’s exterior needs to be in immaculate condition because it’s the first thing your customers notice. Power washers and waxing machines ensure that you have the right equipment to clean each vehicle.

Valeting tools

It’s vital that all of the cars in a dealership are clean. This is especially true for a car’s interior. Otherwise a dealership runs the risk of getting a bad reputation. Modern valeting tools and car interior cleaners ensure that all cars are cleaned in a professional manner.

As you can see there are many practical car dealer tools that make life much easier for car dealers, managers, staff and customers. Each of these pieces of equipment is designed to make a dealership much safer and an efficient workplace so that you can concentrate on converting potential customers into happy new car owners.