7 Useful Gadgets for Your Car

There are a number of car gadgets on the market today that can help to enhance your car’s capabilities as well as your overall driving experience.

Here are some handy gadgets you can try out:

1. Dashboard camera

A dashboard camera, commonly known as a dash cam, can be used to not only capture a memorable moment but also provide evidence for insurance device.

A highly-functional dash cam will feature a strong mounting system, support various video resolutions, and be capable of monitoring several lanes of traffic.

2. Radar detector

This gadget alerts you of any possible speed traps. It is can help you to avoid paying hefty fines on speeding tickets and getting points on your license.

3. Smartphone mount

A smartphone holder saves you the hassle of having to constantly look down your phone for directions. The best part of using a smartphone mount is that you don’t have to make permanent additions to your car – uses a super strong magnet to attach to your phone.

4. Car-Fi

Car-Fi is a Wi-Fi device hotspot designed for automobiles. It allows you to create Wi-Fi hotspot in the car providing internet access for the driver and passengers. With car Wi-Fi, you can use online navigation such as Waze or Google Maps while traveling. Your passengers also get to reply to emails, check Facebook updates and play some popular casino games while traveling.

5. Smart car adapter

A car adapter is a small device that you plug into the on-board diagnostics (OBD-II) port of your vehicle to get data about your car. It can diagnose engine problems, display your trip history, provide mileage log and call for help after an accident.

It pairs with your smartphone via Bluetooth and can work with a third-party app.

6. Bluetooth car kit

This handy device allows you to stream your favourite music from your smartphone. It features a built-in microphone that lets you make hands-free calls.

7. Blind spot mirrors

These gadgets provide the blind spot protection you need without cluttering your standard side view. They are easy to install and can be removed when they’re no longer needed.