Interesting and Odd Car Races

The sound of a powerful engine revving at the start line, a car or bike zooming past on a treacherous race track and the exhilaration of getting to the finishing line are a few of the fun parts of racing. Another is the variety of races that people can participate in. Not all races are designed the same as some offer comic relief and plenty of fun. Here is a roundup of a few odd races.

24 Hours of LeMans

A comic spin-off of the famous French 24 Hours of LeMans race, the LeMons involves raggedy cars that are not worth more than $500. The original race was in California, and now enthusiasts enjoy several events annually across the U.S. Competitors have to abide by some crazy rules and penalties that are decided by spinning a Wheel of Misfortune. The winner has to settle for $1,500 in nickels.

Poker Run

In this race, competitors use different types of vehicles from all-terrain to motorbikes to race from one checkpoint to another. At every checkpoint, a racer picks up a card and has to make five to seven stops to collect a poker hand. The competitors who holds the best poker hand wins the race. A poker run is challenging because you have to keep up with the race and the cards that different drivers are holding. A basic understanding of poker hand rankings comes in handy.

Gumball 3000

This race takes its inspiration from the Cannonball Run where drivers race across several locations in the U.S. Participants in the Gumball race cruise their way through multiple locations across continents. In 2010, racing began in London and finished in New York. A previous Gumball has also taken racers from Paris, through the Mediterranean, across North Africa and ended in Cannes.

California Melee

Inspired by the California Mille where racers go through the region’s wine county, this race requires vehicles from before 1975. Rather than stop at wineries, the racers have to make do with motels and brewpubs. It takes three days to cover Napa, Mendocino and Sonoma Counties.